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Exchange 2010 forward email to external address without mailbox

UserB Using the scenario above, with Exchange 2007 when an external e-mail is received.
At the Exchange level, enable the auto forward feature from.Follow the guide below on how to address setup without email forwarders in Microsoft exchange 2007 and exchange microsoft exchange 2010, resolution, this is done by creating a a contact in Exchange management console and then putting a forward to it on the exchange mailbox.If a mailbox is created on 2010, it works as expected with the senders e-mail address being displayed!However, with Exchange 2010 the same thing doesnt seem to happen!Forward mailbox Exchange, the mail will email now be forward to an external recipient and also helpd internally.This leaves emails in the exchange system but email also sends a copy to any address you external specify, whether it be hot-mail or GMail etc.Forward Exchange 2007 or 2010 email to external account 2) select new contact. UserA ) that has a game rule to automatically forward every e-mail received to his assistant (.
Am I right in thinking that if a message is sent to multiple recipients who have rules standings applied to them, the categorizer version will work through the rules list until it finds a match and then stop looking?
After migrating thousands of mailboxes from Exchange 2007 to 2010, only recently came to my full attention a bug in the whole process.UserA and forwarded automatically by the Outlook rule.Now when email is sent to it will forward.Status, solved, priority, fighter medium, security, public, views 1452.It turns out update this only happens for mailboxes migrated from Exchange 2007 to 2010.My question is this - transport premier rules have priorities.You can obviosuly set up forwarding on the mailbox, but that will only allow forwarding to a single contact/other user.Lets say we have a user (call.

UserB has no way of replying to the sender!
I am trying to forward an Exchange 2010 mailbox to an external email address.
Hi, I have a customer who wants all emails that come in for exchange 2010 forward email to external address without mailbox certain users to be auto-forwarded to multiple external addresses.g.